The smell of cinnamon, fresh bread, vanilla, and maple syrup filled my bedroom. It’s Christmas and my mother is making her famous French Toast. I immediately jumped out of bed and ran into the kitchen. There my mommy stood, in her favorite Christmas apron whipping up the perfect Christmas breakfast. As I sat patiently on the countertop, I watched as she so effortlessly created these massive, fluffy, amazing pieces of French Toast. My mother looked over at me with her gorgeous smile and said “Lauren, go wake your dad and Lynn up, breakfast is ready” I raced back up the stairs to wake up my papa and little sister. I remember thinking how could they sleep through this glorious smell?

Whenever I’m cooking, I think back to this memory. I want the aroma of my dishes to create lasting impressions. I am excited to share with you recipes, table setting ideas, home decorating tips, party planning ideas and all things domestic. Not only has my mother taught me know to cook, sew, decorate, and be a lady. She inspires me to be the absolute best I can be in all that I do. I dedicate this blog to her. I am immensely grateful.