I absolutely love “day dates”. We beat the dinner rush crowds, the service is always better, and it’s kid friendlier!

We chose to dine at California Pizza Kitchen this week.

For starters we shared their Monterey Quesadilla and Tortilla Soup (Chandler Loved!).

My fiancé chose their classic-can’t miss-number 1 seller the BBQ Chicken Pizza. I did something I NEVER do, I ordered the pizza the waitress suggested! And oh my gosh! I have to start taking the waitresses/waiters suggestions!

I totally enjoyed the Jerk Chicken Pizza! It had a perfect blend of spices. But it was sweet at the same time. I have a new favorite and I’m so glad that I are outside of my comfort zone.

Tip* download CPK’s app for savings everytime you dine! Our quesadilla was free!

A good friend of mine told me that I absolutely-positively have to try the Butter Cake. We tried it and instantly fell in love! It was moist, rich, and buttery!

I truly enjoyed my day date and I look forward to next week!