I can not put into words how excited I am that Chandler LOVES the water! I have been swimming since I was 18 months old and I’ve even swam on teams.

I try to keep our pool bag ready at all times, so that we are ready even with the smallest amount of notice! We stock it with toys, towels, floatation devices, swim trunks, sunscreen, bottled water, Chapstick, and snacks.

So far Swim School’s line of floatation vests and trainers have been our favorite. Chandler seems most comfortable in this vest and I like that the harness strap snaps underneath him for extra water safety. We purchased ours from Wal-Mart for around $20.

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DON’T FORGET THE SUNSCREEN! Babies have such precious skin that needs protection just like ours! We use Coppertone’s Wet Babies Spray Lotion! It doesn’t have a smell and it’s sensitive enough for Chandler’s über sensitive skin!


Chandler is 8 months old and he’s never been to professional swim classes. However he takes to the water like a fish and wasn’t afraid when water splashed upon him or when his went under water! He was nursed 30 minutes before he went into the water and as soon as he got out of the water. It is important to keep babies hydrated in such warm weather. Pediatricians say that babies receive enough water through their breast milk or formula, however I choose to give him 2 ounces of water and 3 ice cubes in his sippy cup on extremely hot days.