I’m often asked: “how do you get Chandler to eat so well”. From the time Chandler was able to have solid food, I made eating a fun thing to do with plenty of clapping and “great jobs” being yelled!

When Chandler was 4 months I introduced rice cereal. I slowly began to introduce puréed vegetables and fruits. I tried baby food and he wasn’t having it. He was spoiled by the real deal. Could you blame him?

Chandler has enjoyed a variety of global cuisine. Whatever I’m having he’s having, of course larger more complicated things have to be broken down into a manageable size.

Today for lunch Chandler enjoyed teeny tiny hot dogs with bananas+blueberries and baby Swiss cheese! I also gave him all natural grape juice that I diluted with water.


This meal is so easy and so yummy! Simply prepare 1 hot dog, I used Nathan’s Skinless Beef Franks. Not only are they my personal favorite, they’re gluten free!

I cut a hot dog bun into miniature pieces, added mustard and the thin piece of hot dog! Easy peezy!

Let’s chat! What are some of your go to toddler meals? Or what are you struggling with when it comes to feeding your tot?