I love those mornings where I can sleep in late and leisurely make a spectacular and unplanned breakfast, using ingredients that I already have on hand!

Breakfast hashes are great because you can totally customize it to your taste buds and use whatever you have available.

In this particular hash I used chopped bacon, diced potatoes, an over medium egg, arugula, and an amazing aioli dressing!

I built the flavor levels up by seasoning as I assembled the hash. I like using interesting combination mixes such as fennel seed and coriander. AH-MAZING!

Here is the recipe for the aioli dressing I topped the hash with, simply combine all the ingredients and enjoy! If you desire a thinner dressing simply put all ingriendents in a blender and add a tsp more olive oil!

•1 Cup Mayo
•1 Tbsp Minced Garlic
•1 Tsp Red Onion, diced
•1 Tbsp Sour Cream
•1 Tbsp Olive Oil
•1 Tsp Black Pepper
•2 Tsp Dill Weed
•1 Tsp Cayenne Pepper