HAPPY NEW YEAR! I am committed to bringing you new recipes weekly! I am preparing for the release of my children’s cookbook and I’m excited to share again!

Tonight I made one of made of my favorite meals, Crab Cakes with Roasted Potatoes and Green Beans.

This recipe is so easy and just about impossible to mess up!

Here’s what you’ll need:

•1/2 Lb Crab Meat

•1/4 Cup Mayonnaise

•1 Tablespoon Dijon Mustard

•1 Egg

•1/4 Cup Parsley

•Splash of Worcestershire



•Old Bay Seasoning


Combine in a bowl mayo, egg, Worcestershire, mustard, and 1/4 cup breadcrumbs. Fold in crab meat and parsley. Season with Old Bay.

Form into golf balls. (I used an ice cream scoop)


Heat butter in a skillet or on top of a flat top griddle. Pan fry for 4-5 Minutes on each side. I sprinkle additional breadcrumbs on top of each cake for more crunch.FC7851D1-5A97-4532-A7FF-CA4BCB2E2C70

I paired it with roasted potatoes and garlicky green beans.