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Social Mommy| Chandler’s Favorites

Posted on June 13, 2014

Chandler is picky (he has it honest) and as he’s approaching 8 months I decided to share some of his absolute favorites with you all! 1. He can’t get enough of Sassy brand toys! We keep one attached to his car seat for on the road playtime, one in the diaper bag, one at his GrandMommy’s house, and tons in his bedroom. This particular one has become his go-to. Luckily Target had them on sale so he now has two! 2. Chandler has been exclusively breastfed and nursed exclusively. I was very interested in how he would handle solid foods. We introduced rice cereal mixed with breast milk when he was 5 months old and gradually increased his solid food intake. Now he enjoys…

Social Mommy| Carrot Mango Juice

Posted on April 29, 2014

As Chandler was approaching 6 months I was incredibly anxious to start him on solid foods (he’s exclusively breast fed). He has had small amounts of puréed vegetables and fruits and some table foods! He loves exploring different tastes and textures. Since he rarely has a bottle his doctor explained to me the importance of introducing the sippy cup now so that when his first birthday rolls around, he’ll be a pro! I looked online at different sites for recommended juice brands for infants. And while talking with one of my favorite moms, she told me her pediatrician recommended making her own juice! Duh! Lol! Of course! When you make your own baby food or juice, you control everything that goes in it! You…